Pure Electric Vehicle-Introduction to BYD e6 pure electric sedan

  1. Vehicle characteristics

BYD E6 is a new energy, new power and zero emission pure electric car (hereinafter referred to as BYD E6), which is an environmental protection product made by BYD. The drive motor, electronic control unit and power battery used by BYD E6 are all products independently developed by BYD and are the core technology of BYD.

(1) Energy conservation and environmental protection

BYD is completely driven by E6 electric power under various working conditions. The power battery adopts the power battery independently developed and produced by BYD. All chemicals contained in it can be decomposed and absorbed in a harmless way, which can well solve the environmental problems such as secondary recycling and will not cause harm to the environment.

(2) Balanced handling and abundant power

The center of gravity of the whole vehicle is low, the handling is stable and the ride comfort is good. The 75kW drive motor can provide high speed and large torque for the whole vehicle, the acceleration time of 0 ~ 50kmh is 6S, and the maximum speed can reach 140km / h.

(3) Low noise

The whole vehicle runs in a completely electric mode, with minimal noise inside and outside the vehicle, providing a comfortable riding environment for drivers and passengers.

(4) Good safety

① After high temperature, high pressure and impact tests, the power battery has excellent safety performance.

② In the whole vehicle safety design, the safety differences between pure electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles are fully considered, and the active and passive safety are highly optimized.

③ Fully consider the protection design of waterproof and anti leakage in the vehicle and battery pack.

④ The power management system intelligently monitors the operating parameters of the power battery to ensure the normal operation of the battery.

(5) Easy to use

At present, BYD E6 can adopt wall mounted AC charging, household AC charging, DC charging (optional) and vehicle to vehicle charging, which makes charging very convenient.

(6) Super long driving range

The driving range of 400km under comprehensive working conditions can fully meet the daily needs of urban and intercity travel.

  1. Vehicle specifications

(1) Vehicle parameters

See table for complete vehicle parameters of BYD E6 pure electric car.

Parameters of BYD E6 pure electric car
Parameters of BYD E6 pure electric car
Parameters of BYD E6 pure electric car
Parameters of BYD E6 pure electric car

(2) Vehicle identification

The VIN code of BYD E6 pure electric car is located inside the back door, below the left front door and in the VIN slot at the front left.

(3) Warning label

① The airbag warning label is pasted on the right B-pillar.

② The position labels of air conditioning system, operating instructions, motor coolant, cooling fan and battery are pasted on the inside of the front compartment cover.

③ The power battery warning label is pasted on the power battery mounting housing cover.

④ The tire pressure indicator is pasted under the left B-pillar.

⑤ The air filter label is attached to the right side of the instrument panel.

⑥ The high pressure system label is attached under the right instrument panel.

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