Major fully electric car brands in China

(1) fully electric bus

Figure 1 shows a fully electric bus developed by Beijing Institute of Technology and Jinghua Bus. The electric bus uses lithium-ion power batteries, a distributed quick-change solution, and an integrated electric drive system that integrates AC motors and automatic transmission systems. , It improves the efficiency of the motor and the service life of the battery, and realizes the information sharing of the entire car. The three CAN buses respectively communicate and control the low-voltage electrical, high-voltage electrical and battery packs of the car.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 1 Jinghua fully electric bus

(2) fully electric field car

As the earliest enterprise in China to research electric cars, Dongfeng Motor Company started the research and development of electric cars in the early stage of the “Eighth Five-Year Plan”. In August 2007, Dongfeng electric car Co., Ltd. formally signed a contract with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. Dongfeng fully electric field cars became the only service cars for the Beijing Olympic Games venues. From August 2007 to the end of the 2008 Olympic Games, more than 500 fully electric track cars served in various Olympic venues and Olympic villages, including testing competitions, preliminaries, finals, and opening and closing ceremonies.

Dongfeng electric car Co., Ltd. main venue cars include electric sightseeing cars, electric tourist cars, electric police cars, electric patrol cars, electric trucks, electric golf carts, and electric multi-function cars. Figure 2 shows a Dongfeng The outline drawing of the electric sightseeing car.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 2 Dongfeng electric sightseeing car

(3) fully electric cars

① BYD fully electric car. As one of the leaders in China’s new energy car field, BYD has a significant sales advantage, accounting for more than 1/5 of China’s new energy car sales in the same period. Among them, the fully electric cars with better sales include BYD Qin EV300, BYD e6, BYD e5, The BYD e6 is the world’s first fully electric taxi, which advocates “emission reduction and low carbon”. The BYD e6 fully electric car is shown in Figure 3. It can drive 300km on a full charge. The energy consumption of BYD e6 100km is about 21.5kW·h, which is equivalent to 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the consumer price of a fuel car, and the power output from the electric energy reserve is very strong. In terms of power output, it can reach 75kw, which can reach the highest within 10s. The speed is 140km/h. Using a professional charging station, e6 can be charged to 80% of the power in 15 minutes, and the electricity fee will cost about 13 yuan [calculated at 0.6 yuan/(kw·h)].

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 3 BYD e6 electric car

②Bentium fully electric car. The Besturn B50 EV (see Figure 4) adopts a fully electric passenger car power platform independently developed by FAW Technology Center. The entire platform consists of a motor, battery, reducer, car controller, electric accessories and special display instruments. The power system has the functions of starting electric crawling, fully electric, regenerative braking, electronic parking brake, household charging, fast charging and so on.

The Besturn B50 fully electric sedan launched in 2014 is consistent with the current gasoline version of the B50 in terms of appearance and body size. In terms of power, the motor and ternary lithium battery provided by Fawer Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. are used, and the rated power of the motor is 35kw.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 4 Pentium B50 EV

③BAIC fully electric cars. As the leader of fully electric cars, BAIC New Energy focuses on the field of fully electric cars. It has launched more than 10 fully electric cars in six series of EH, EU, EX, EV, EC, and LITE. The BAIC 301 EV fully electric car once appeared at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2008. It was named C30 EV at the time. The model is equipped with an AC induction motor with an output power of 47kw, a peak torque of 82N·m, and a polymer lithium battery capacity. It is 100A·h. The maximum speed of the 301 EV is 160km/h, and it can travel more than 200km on a single charge, and can climb up to 30° slopes. The 2016 BAIC fully electric car EH 300 is shown in Figure 5. There are two versions: an executive version and a premium version. Models.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 5 BAIC EH 300 fully electric car

BAIC New Energy EH 300 is a fully electric car that focuses on high-end business. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for business reception or people with official needs. It is not only BAIC New Energy’s first B-class fully electric car, but also the current fully electric administrative level. The only model in this segment of the business sedan.

The driving range under comprehensive conditions can reach 300km, and the mileage can exceed 380km at a speed of 60km/h.

BAIC New Energy EH 300 is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 100kW. It is also equipped with a ternary lithium battery with high energy density, good low temperature performance, small size, and low attenuation rate. It has the characteristics of high energy storage and high output efficiency. The battery capacity It is 54.6kW·h.

EH300 has two charging methods: fast charge and slow charge. Normal slow charge can fully charge the battery for 10 hours; fast charge 45 minutes to charge to 80% of the battery power. The fast charge interface is hidden in the car logo and can be opened by pressing , And the slow charging port is designed on the right side of the rear of the car body, which is the common fuel filler position.

BAIC ET 400 (see Figure 6) is a fully electric SUV launched by BAIC. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with BAIC New Energy e-Motion Drive super electric drive technology, and is also expected to be equipped with a more powerful battery pack, with a maximum driving range of over 400km. The new car will also be equipped with a new AI intelligent voice service system

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 6 BAIC ET 400 fully electric SUV

④ Chery fully electric car and Chery Riich MI EV fully electric car is a fully electric car developed on the basis of Chery S18 platform. It was announced for sale at the electric car conference on November 5, 2008. The Riich MI EV fully electric car is equipped with a high-power electric drive system, and is equipped with a 45A-h/60Ach high-performance lithium battery, with a maximum speed of 120kmh.

The maximum cruising range is 150km. Slow charging on an ordinary 220V civilian power supply takes 6-8h to charge, and it takes 0.5h to charge 80% of the battery power using a professional charging station.

Currently, Chery fully electric cars on the market include Chery eQ, as shown in Figure 7.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 7 Chery eQ fully electric car

The design of Chery eQ is basically the same as the gasoline version of QQ. It is almost difficult to see the difference between eQ fully electric cars and QQ. The only difference is the eQ letter at the rear, and some color models also use blue wheels. And the blue front grille decoration.

The interior design of Chery eQ focuses on pleasure and comfort. The instrument panel is equipped with a technologically sensitive LCD display, which is convenient for users to control various data of the motor and battery at any time. The whole car is equipped with entertainment functions such as radio and CD disc playback, and is equipped with powerful sound quality audio, manual air conditioner with 4 wind speed adjustment, simple switch panel and so on.

Chery eQ is equipped with a permanent touch synchronous motor with a maximum output of 42kW and a peak torque of 150N·m. The transmission system and the motor are matched with a single-speed ratio direct drive continuously variable transmission system, and there are two design forms on the shift lever, the comfortable type is the traditional shift handle, and the luxury type is the shift knob.

⑥ Great Wall Haval electric car, following the advent of the Great Wall Haval M3 EV electric car, and experiencing electric car Euler and other car models. In 2017, the first fully electric sedan, the Great Wall C30 EV, was officially launched, with a total of three models launched.

As shown in Figure 8, the Great Wall C30 EV adopts a blue logo and front air intake grille decorative strip; the front face uses a sports-style honeycomb mid-net and a horizontal front bumper, and is equipped with a U-shaped curve electroplating decorative strip. Connected with the ridgeline of the cabin cover, this model is more dynamic. This model has a wheelbase of 2610mm and plenty of space: the rear seats can be split in 4/6 and the space is flexible and changeable, which is convenient for loading large luggage.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 8 Great Wall C30 EV

In addition, the Great Wall C30 EV is equipped with rich technology, tire pressure monitoring, reversing imaging, Bosch 9.0 version ESP, automatic air conditioning, hidden reversing radar, ramp assist and other configurations, which greatly improve the safety and convenience of daily use; The optimized configuration of different models can meet the different car needs of customers such as operation and daily household use.

The Great Wall C30 EV uses a ternary lithium battery and has a driving range of 200km under comprehensive working conditions. It is also equipped with two modes of fast charging and slow charging. Under normal temperature conditions, it can be charged to 80% of electricity in only 40 minutes. The Great Wall C30 EV is equipped with a water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous AC motor, with a maximum power of 90kW and a maximum torque of 240N·m, which eliminates the shock of shifting, and is simple and worry-free: 0~50km/h acceleration time is only 5.5s, and the maximum speed can reach 140km/h : At the same time, it also comes standard with an energy recovery system, which can increase the driving range by 5% to 15% while assisting in braking.

The new car fully considers the safety of the battery and is equipped with a comprehensive battery protection system. It can work normally during rainy days and ordinary wading. It can still ensure safety under extreme collision conditions. In addition, the three core components of the Great Wall C30 EV (power battery, Motor, electronic control system) also provide 8 years or 120,000 kilometers long warranty.

⑥Changan fully electric car. Following the successful development of the first fully electric car, the Benben MINI fully electric car, it has experienced the development of Auchan, Ouliwei, Yidong and other models. As of 2017, the latest fully electric car is the Changan CS15 EV, as shown in Figure 9. .

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 9 Changan CS15 EV fully electric car

The Changan CS15 EV is based on the fuel version of the CS15. It has launched two models, the 350e and 350i, with a constant speed range of up to 350km at 60km/h and a comprehensive range of 300km.

Changan CS15 EV is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 42.92kW·h. The maximum power is 55kW, the peak torque is 170N·m, the comprehensive driving range is 300km, and the maximum driving range can reach 350km under the 60km/h constant speed working condition. It only takes 40 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80% in the fast charge mode, and about 10 hours to fully charge it in the slow charge mode.

⑦Geely fully electric cars. Following the Geely Panda fully electric minicar (A00 class), the first Geely series Emgrand EV was officially launched in 2015. The latest Geely fully electric sedan is the 2017 Geely Emgrand EV 300 (see Figure 10), which is divided into three models: elite, noble and aggressive.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 10 Geely Emgrand EV 300 fully electric car

The battery type is a ternary lithium battery, the maximum speed is 140km/h, the driving range is up to 300km, and the power can be charged from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes in the fast charge mode.

③Roewe fully electric car, Roewe EI (see Figure 11) is a fully electric concept car under SAIC Motor Corporation Limited that represents the “Chinese level” of the new energy car industry. It is also the only Chinese national pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The new energy car exhibited by SAIC is aiming at the international advanced level and independently developed a fully electric car. It will be mass-produced at the end of 2012. The Roewe E1 is a single-use three-door four-seater A00-class sedan. The body design uses the “One Box” concept. , To maximize the internal space of the car.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 11 Roewe E1 fully electric car

Roewe E1 is equipped with a safe performance lithium iron phosphate battery system. The maximum speed is 120km/h, the maximum driving range is 135km, and the acceleration time is 16s from 0 to 100km/h. The car has a fast charging function and can be charged 80% within 30 minutes. .

After years of research and development, SAIC has designed and produced a number of fully electric cars, mainly Roewe E50, Roewe E550, Roewe E950, etc. In 2017, the Roewe RX5 fully electric car was officially launched, as shown in Figure 12. Models (EV400 Electric Interconnected Deluxe Edition, EV400 Electric Interconnected Ultimate Edition, EV400 Electric Interconnected Extreme Edition), equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 85kw and a maximum torque of 255N·m. The new car’s comprehensive driving range can reach 320km, and the maximum constant speed range can reach 425km. At the same time, the new car supports fast charging technology. The DC fast charge can be charged to 80% of the power in 40 minutes, and the AC slow charge requires 7 hours to fully charge.

SAIC Roewe’s “Wings of Light” concept car (see Figure 13) is a fully electric super coupe SUV launched by SAIC Roewe at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. The fully electric super coupe SUV and fully electric Internet business coach built by the “Wing” Vision-E concept car will be officially launched.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 12 Roewe RX5 pure electric car (SUV)
Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 13 SAIC Roewe “Wings of Light” concept car

The “Wings of Light” Vision-E concept car cancels a lot of physical buttons. It is equipped with a liquid instrument panel, a 14in curved display and a knob-type shift design. The new car’s center console is symmetrical, using Alcantara, Nappa leather and semi- The combination of transparent crystal materials presents an enveloping effect. The car is also equipped with the SAIC-Ali intelligent car interconnection system, and has AR-HUD head-up display technology, autonomous parking, wireless charging and other functions.

In terms of power, the “Wings of Light” Vision-E concept car is driven by dual motors, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is less than 4s. The battery energy of the new car is only half of the Tesla Model X, but the maximum driving range exceeds 500km, and the comprehensive driving range exceeds 400km. In addition, the car will also support wireless charging technology, charging for 15 minutes can reach 80% of the battery capacity, enough to travel 250km.

⑨Nissan Qichen Chenfeng fully electric car. Venucia Chenfeng (see Figure 14) is Dongfeng Venucia’s first mass-produced fully electric car in the Chinese market. Its core technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic control are in the same line as the Nissan Leaf, which sells more than 250,000 units worldwide. , Nissan Leaf has been tested overseas for a long time. Venucia Chenfeng was officially launched in 2014, which represents the advanced technology level of global fully electric cars. In April 2016, Venucia Chenfeng Zhilian Edition was launched on the market. In November of the same year, the Chenfeng Pilot Polar Edition debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and the battery safety was upgraded again.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 14 Nissan Qichen Chenfeng fully electric car

After being fully charged, the Chenfeng fully electric car can travel 180km (longer than the previously disclosed data), and the full charge time is 8 hours with a 220V ordinary power supply. If there is a fast charging pile, charging for 3 minutes can make the car drive 30km, charging for 5 minutes can drive 60km, and charging for 30 minutes can reach 80% of the battery power.

⑩Jianghuai fully electric cars, data show that before 2013, Jianghuai Automobile accounted for nearly 50% of the fully electric cars put on the market in China. After several years of research and development, JAC has also continued to use iteratively developed technology and put it on the market every year. All have a certain volume, among which JAC iEV4, Honghuai iEV5, and JAC iEV6S (see Figure 15) have significant sales.

Major fully electric car brands in China
Figure 15 JAC iEV6S fully electric car